Mount Gabriel – Mizen Peninsula, Co. Cork

Mount Gabriel not only provides a pretty great view of the peninsular but also features some mine shafts as well. We managed to find at least 3 mine shafts close in proximity to the road leading up to the mountain top, only one of which we couldn’t access. The remaining two mine shafts were quite small, tiny when compared to the copper mines in Allihies. The biggest of these two only went as far as, 30 meters before reaching a dead end.

According to mindat, Baryite was the main material being mined.


Entrance to the first mine shaft


Exiting the first mine shaft


Exiting the second mine shaft


Inside a chamber of the second mine shaft


material in the second mine shaft


Material from the second mine shaft. Is that Granite or limestone?


Inside the chamber of the second mine shaft, this is roughly a 5 second exposure


First mineshaft, water constantly dripping from the ceiling

The view from the top is pretty great.




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