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120: Pope’s Quay Footbridge

This is another example of a photo I took with the Zeiss Nettar II, this was taken shortly after arriving back from my trip London where I bought the camera. Thoroughly happy with the purchase so far.

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R&H Hall Model

This was taken from a scale Model of Cork City inside. Cork Vision Centre in North Main Street ( the one with all the cats ). It’s pretty impressive.

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Owlet at the Cork Lifetime Lab

The Lifetime lab was open to the public as part of the Cork Heritage day, visiting kids largely gathered around the tethered owls on display, half of them in awe and the other half trying to frighten the poor creatures.

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120: London Underground

This was my first photo taken on 120 film, I had just bought an antique camera from the Portobello Market, then made my way to Waterloo to buy some film stock in 120 format and then fitted the stock into … Continue reading

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Port of Cork

Taken from the Clarion Hotel. The industrial buildings in the background feel pretty much incongruous to their environment.

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Ballynahinch Lake in Connemara

The spot where this photo was taken from, according to Google Maps, is right here. Tempted to swim in it next time I’m there.

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Shaky Bridge in Sunday’s Well

Not only Corks only suspension bridge but easily the most sensitive one, you don’t need many people walking on it at the same time to witness the bridge live up to its name.

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HDR: Yellow Roses

Similar to the White Rose post a few days back, here some yellow roses instead.

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Going ape on Fota Island

Thankfully there are only a dozen or so large primates on Fota Island in Cork, if the time ever comes for an ape uprising, we would hardly notice it.

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Vegetable Fountain in the English Market

The fountain in the English Market was decorated for the Queens visit to Cork on the 20th of May. Needs more meat 🙂 .

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