Carrig House, Lower Glanmire Road, Cork City

I’ve seen this late Georgian house across The Marina on several occasions and was always curious as to see what was inside it. Unfortunately, a fire in 2002 had destroyed most of the interior. An attempt to renovate it had been made but only getting as far as building the new roof, the house has since been closed up with metal sheets installed on all entrances.

Recently, I noticed one of the sheets had been torn down and figured it would be a good opportunity to check it out before the sheet will be put back up again. While there was a shortage of furniture, we did find something interesting in the end …


IMG_0254 IMG_0257 IMG_0260 IMG_0268 IMG_0280 IMG_0288 IMG_0295

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We found two old computers that looked like they were  from the 60’s. According to Fabice Blewitt’s comment below: “The computers belonged to the Old Radio school located in Carrig House. “




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8 Responses to Carrig House, Lower Glanmire Road, Cork City

  1. paul skeath says:

    Excellent shots..Hard to find Urbexers in and around Cork…Love the work…Let me know if you wanna check out some venues in and around cork..Check the shots on my page if you have a chance..Regards in advance Paul.

  2. paul skeath says:

    Excellent Shots…Hard to find Fellow Urbexers in my area..Ceck out some of my shots on page ,and if you wanna do a shoot let me know…

  3. admin says:

    Didn’t know it was called Carrig House… This was the old marine radio school…
    Not much history on it though…

  4. fabice Blewitt says:

    The computers belonged to the Old Radio school located in Carrig House. The house and gardens ( I believe, both had listed grade 2 status ) were sold to CIE in 2002. Following its sale both the garden and house were destroyed and the property to the front of the house was used by the owners CIE for the development of the railway line.
    Just a note, prior to the its sale in 2002 the house was not abandoned, and although the family who owned it, no longer live in Tivoli, it saddens them to see what has become of a house which was one of the the most beautiful houses in the city.

    • Jan Hayes says:

      Thanks! Updated the post. Yeah, it’s heartbreaking to see it left in that state, it’s been a while since I went inside the building but I was still able to see the opening to the building from across the Marina which is quite worrying.

      • fabice Blewitt says:

        I did see the inside of the house in the months after the fire and much of the plaster was still present on the roof. There were still tiles on the floor, clearly a lot of neglect has taken place since then. The property has a grade two listed status and prior to its sale in 2002 it had a beautiful garden with a long sweeping drive with an avenue of Copper Beaches , Monkey Puzzles and Rhododendrons running up beside it. CIE purchased the property and garden as they wanted to extend the railway line which you now see. All can see, what little regard their is for protected buildings in Ireland.

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