Exploring Goggin’s Hill Tunnel

Built in 1851 and closed in 1961, Goggin’s Hill Tunnel currently stands as the longest abandoned railway tunnel in the Republic of Ireland.
















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11 Responses to Exploring Goggin’s Hill Tunnel

  1. Tony says:

    Where is goggins hill?

  2. Really great pictures, credit to you. Hope you didn’t meet the infamous station owner, who dislikes photographers.

  3. Yes indeed, Jan Hayes has a great eye, I know cos I’ve got a great eye!! Would love to take my youngon here and make up some ghost stories to give him something to look back on when he’s older, in this x box generation and all!! I would be content knowing that it is off bounds?? due to it’s potentially dangerous nature rather than being some blow-ins ‘private’ land!

  4. Boots, bloody waders is more like it!!

  5. Martin Coughlan says:

    Where is this tunnel?
    How do I get to it?

  6. Mairead O' Donovan says:

    I am the landowner of this tunnel. I have no issue with anyone walking through this tunnel if they actually had the respect to approach me first. Its not easy to miss as my house is on private property just outside the tunnel. It amazes me that people think they have “this right” to walk my land without permission. How would you like or anyone for that matter if i just showed up at your house and started wandering around and taking photos. I’m sure the gardai would be called and i have the same right. Its my home where I live with my family and I feel I am entitled to feel safe in my own home. I certainly don’t like when I arrive home to find absolute strangers wandering around my land. Again as I’ve already said i have no problem letting people through the tunnel when they have been mannerly enough to actually ask permission first. Regards, Mrs O’ Donovan, landowner of the tunnel in Goggins Hill, Ballinhassig.

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