Dragon of Shandon 2014

Halloween parade that takes place in Shandon Street and Pope's Quay every year

IMG_1136 IMG_1131 IMG_1127 IMG_1120 IMG_1111 IMG_1109 IMG_1104 IMG_1103 IMG_1101 IMG_1098 IMG_1096 IMG_1091 IMG_1087 IMG_1080 IMG_1079 IMG_1077 IMG_1076 IMG_1075 IMG_1067 IMG_1066 IMG_1064 IMG_1058 IMG_1054 IMG_1042 IMG_1026
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Cork in an October morning

Saturday morning, 11th October I decided to take a short trek around Sunday's Well and Mardyke while morning fog had rolled into Cork city. For that brief period it was reminiscent of an 80's fantasy movie. IMG_0966 IMG_0974 IMG_0978 IMG_0990 IMG_0993 IMG_0996
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A Tunnel at the Marina, Cork City

About two weeks ago I stumbled across a small tunnel near the old slipway by Dundanion Castle, roughly 1o meters in length it looks like it is being recently used as an illegal dumping spot. I checked Ordinance Survey Ireland site to see what this small tunnel was identified as, according to their Historical Map this was marked as 'Cave'. My guess it was some sort of cellar.
Link to OSI: http://maps.osi.ie/publicviewer/#V1,571173,571820,7,9

Link to OSI:

Two weeks later I returned to the site with a better camera.
Concealed Entrance

Concealed Entrance

Entrance from the outside

Entrance from the outside

Entrance. Seems like a popular dumping ground

Entrance. Looks like it turned into an illegal dumping ground

End of the tunnel. There is a small portion of space at the archway, barely a foot deep

End of the tunnel. There is a small portion of space at the archway, barely a foot deep

IMG_0873 IMG_0876 IMG_0878
"Backstreet Boys Suck" it says

"Backstreet Boys Suck" it says

Looks like some blood on the wall

Looks like some blood on the wall

The tunnel also was a habitat for the Meta Menardi, aka Cave Spider. There were plenty of these crawling along the ceiling. They're an unpleasant sight but apparently pose no threat.
Meta Menardi or Cave Spider. Ugly but harmless.

Meta Menardi or Cave Spider. Ugly but harmless.

Meta Menardi or Cave Spider egg sack

Meta Menardi or Cave Spider egg sack

Meta Menardi or Cave Spider. Ugly but harmless.

Meta Menardi or Cave Spider. Ugly but harmless.

Meta Menardi or Cave Spider.Ugly but harmless.

Meta Menardi or Cave Spider.Ugly but harmless.

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Mount Gabriel – Mizen Peninsula, Co. Cork

Mount Gabriel not only provides a pretty great view of the peninsular but also features some mine shafts as well. We managed to find at least 3 mine shafts close in proximity to the road leading up to the mountain top, only one of which we couldn't access. The remaining two mine shafts were quite small, tiny when compared to the copper mines in Allihies. The biggest of these two only went as far as, 30 meters before reaching a dead end. According to mindat, Baryite was the main material being mined.

Entrance to the first mine shaft


Exiting the first mine shaft


Exiting the second mine shaft


Inside a chamber of the second mine shaft


material in the second mine shaft


Material from the second mine shaft. Is that Granite or limestone?


Inside the chamber of the second mine shaft, this is roughly a 5 second exposure


First mineshaft, water constantly dripping from the ceiling

The view from the top is pretty great.



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The Crow’s Nest – Minecraft

I've recently decided to give Minecraft mods a try after having abandoned the game for something like six months. Previously I've been put off installing them because of the awkward processes required. Some of the mods were dependent on other mods which were then dependent on other mods and so on, until you reach the final mod that wasn't compatible with the version of Minecraft you're running and so I just gave up. Apparently the process has improved, albeit not by much. I would be inclined to write the exact instructions I took to install all the mods for these screenshots but there is a good chance it will be outdated in a matter of weeks. Instead I'll just list the mods and setup I have:
  • Shader: SEUS v10.1 Preview 2 for Minecraft 1.7.2
  • Mod dependancy for shader: Forge
  • Resource Pack: Chroma Hills 1.0.8 LATEST
  • Minecraft Client version: 1.7.2
  • OS: Windows 7
It may be awkward but it's definitely well worth it, some of these mods are a stunning piece of work. Here I have started working on a project called The Crow's Nest, you can download what I have so far from here.  
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Fitzgerald’s Park got a new facelift

IMG_0368 IMG_0375 IMG_0380 IMG_0382 IMG_0389
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Old Kenmare Road, Co. Kerry

We recently trekked a small part of the Old Kenmare road near Killarney, beautiful place to be in despite the bad weather we had for most of the day. Although we were soaked to the bone, we had a blast!
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