Ballincollig Castle Above and Below

Located South West and a 10 minute walk from the Main Street, lies Ballincollig Castle. Built in the 14th Century, possibly earlier, much of the castle lies in ruin and the grounds completely overgrown with brambles but the piles of empty beer cans left lying around the tower doesn’t leave much for a pretty sight. The view from the top however is a lot better. I’m curious to see what the place would have looked like back in the day.






Underneath the castle is the opening of a small cavern, sloping downwards to a small hole, if you manage to squeeze through the hole, it opens up to a small chamber mostly filled with mud and water. It’s possibly connected with the Ballincollig cave system, but were weren’t going to risk getting wet or possibly contracting Well’s Disease ( worth reading about if you ever fancy going inside a cave without proper equipment ).





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